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B3 Boulder – Increasing Energy Efficiency in Higher Ed

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EYP Architecture & Engineering

In 2015, EYP Inc. and partners commit to undertaking an energy efficiency benchmarking analysis of the University of Colorado Boulder (CU-B) and 12 other college and university campuses. The Weidt Group (TWG) will provide its Buildings, Benchmarks, and Beyond (B3) building analytic software to provide energy use data and analysis that identifies projects with the greatest energy saving potential. As the pilot campus, CU-B will utilize B3 and implement suggested efficiency improvements. EYP will draft a CU-B B3 case study and, with partner support, engage 12 other colleges and universities to implement B3. EYP will also identify financial and operational partners to create “B3 One-Stop,” an optional program integrating financing and construction support for campuses undertaking B3-recommended improvements. Finally, EYP and partners will develop student energy efficiency awareness campaigns and marketing platforms that promote the value of B3 to other potential users.





B3 Boulder – Increasing Energy Efficiency in Higher Ed



Est. Duration

3 years

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Northern America


United States

Commitment by

EYP Architecture & Engineering

Partner(s) of the Commitment Maker(s)

Skidmore College, The Weidt Group, Inc., University of Colorado at Boulder, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities