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The Beginning of the End of Landfilling

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In 2009, Ze-gen established a commitment entitled the 'The Beginning of the End of Landfilling' project in Attleboro, MA which calls for the construction of an advanced gasification facility to produce renewable fuel from waste that would otherwise have gone to the local landfill. This commitment will offset the consumption of fossil fuels at the existing industrial campus, avoid the landfilling of waste, prevent landfill gas emissions, and harness the latent energy value of those materials to produce renewable, high-quality syngas to generate thermal and electrical energy at the industrial park complex.
As of April 2011, Ze-gen has received approval for its environmental impact report from Massachusetts regulators. The project is now in the permitting stages and working with Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection as well as the City of Attleboro to obtain the required permits and approvals to construct and operate the facility. Pending successful permitting efforts, Ze-gen plans to begin construction in summer or fall 2011.





The Beginning of the End of Landfilling



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4 Years

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Omzest, Flagship Ventures, Vantagepoint Venture Partners, National Grid, City of Attleboro, William McDonough & Partners, Architects