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Bèl Rèv: Dreams of a Sweeter, Stronger Haiti

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NRG Energy, Inc.

In 2015, NRG and its partners, including Blue Marble Dreams and Haiti 155, committed to address the lack of formal job opportunities for women in Haiti by developing Bèl Rèv, an ice-cream store and social enterprise in Fontamara, a particularly disadvantaged community in Port-au-Prince. Bel Rev will source its products, such as milk, coffee, and cocoa, from local Haitian farmers and producers. NRG will contribute upcycled shipping containers that will be powered by a microgrid energy system which will enable Bèl Rèv to operate during power outages from the local grid, a common occurrence in Haiti. The staff of Bèl Rèv will be comprised of 11-13 members of KOFAVIV, a Port-au-Prince-based organization dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual violence, who will be trained in business finance and operations. In addition, Bèl Rèv will also offer a range of creative and education programming to at least 100 people in the community, such as health workshops and computer training.





Bèl Rèv: Dreams of a Sweeter, Stronger Haiti



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1 year

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Latin America & Caribbean



Commitment by

NRG Energy, Inc.

Partner(s) of the Commitment Maker(s)

Blue Marble Dreams, Haiti 155, KOFAVIV, Clinton Foundation in Haiti