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Bigfishbikes, Complete the Commute

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BigFish Bikes LLC, Studio Moderna

In 2010, Studio Moderna and its operating division, Bigfishbikes LLC, committed to bring two innovative fold-and-go bike pilot projects to the greater Los Angeles area. Pilot One: The Bigfish Business-to-Business Folding Bike program will prove that a Business-to-Business approach to management and employees will work to stimulate sale and usage of folding bikes within a mass transit system. This pilot is currently ready to scale to other locations to take advantage of this folding bike program. Pilot Two: Municipalities including Long Beach, Los Angeles and Hollywood will launch multi-use transit hub commuter programs that incorporate the Bigfish fold-and-go bikes along with several other alternative transportation methods. These programs will provide the general public and low-income populations, employers and employees an alternative, easy travel system with the potential to substantially reduce automobile use. These pilots represent new and evolved partnerships with private business and select municipalities, and will result in increasing usage of more sustainable transportation options, thereby reducing fuel use and related emissions.





Bigfishbikes, Complete the Commute



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3 years

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Northern America


United States

Commitment by

BigFish Bikes LLC, Studio Moderna

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ACIRE Incorporated, City of Los Angeles Bureau of Planning and Land Use, Fixing Angelenos Stuck in Traffic (FAST)