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Bioinnovation in Africa: People, Forests, Food, Energy

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Novozymes A/S

In 2011, Novozymes, in partnership with CleanStar Mozambique (CSM), committed to pioneering a food-energy system that will drastically improve both the environment and human lives. Farmers in Sofala province will be fully supported in implementing an environmentally restorative agroforestry system that will produce a wide range of crops. Farmers will be able to sell their excess production to CSM, thereby increasing their incomes by over 400%. CSM will produce a range of food products as well as an ethanol-based cooking fuel. By 2014, the venture will involve 3,000 smallholders over 13,000 acres, supply 20 percent of Maputo households with a clean and cheaper alternative to charcoal and thus protect 9,000 acres of indigenous forests per year. This pioneers an innovative, integrated, and replicable business model that addresses a trio of problems facing much of Africa: land degradation, food and nutrition security, and energy sustainability.





Bioinnovation in Africa: People, Forests, Food, Energy



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3 Years

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Commitment by

Novozymes A/S

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Investment Fund for Developing Countries, CleanStar Ventures, Impact Carbon, Zoe Enterprises Products and Supplements, Yale School Of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Soros Economic Development Fund, Dometic, IMC, Inc., Cornell University Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise, Bank of America Corporation