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Brokering Results in the Prevention of Slavery

Commitment by

Verite, ASSET

In 2009, Verite and ASSET committed to identify good practices to prevent or address slavery in supply chains, pilot these good practices with three visionary companies, and promote public learning from these pilots to the benefit of vulnerable workers (e.g. children, those in slavery, those in forced labor, and victims of trafficking, their communities, and participating enterprises). The commitment will focus on approaches to understand and resolve risk of slavery at the raw material sourcing level, and on reducing the risk of migrant worker forced labor that results from the largely unregulated actions of labor brokers. This will be accomplished by developing verifiable measures of broker performance and disseminating open-source, user-friendly tools by which their actions can be exposed, transformed, and institutionalized. The implementation of these standards and dissemination of these tools will bring transparency to the actions of labor brokers, and allow multinationals, their several tiers of suppliers, NGOs, unions, consumers, and frontline justice advocates to have a common platform from which to reduce slavery.





Brokering Results in the Prevention of Slavery



Est. Duration

4 years

Estimated Total Value





Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, United States of America, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Qatar

Commitment by

Verite, ASSET


Humanity United