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Carbon-Neutral Coal

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Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)

In 2006, the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) committed to ensure that new coal-fired power plants in key states are carbon-neutral. Approaches include working with lenders, investors, and government regulators; helping regulators and utilities win public support for favorable rate treatment or state-backed guarantees for projects that agree to be carbon-neutral; and highlighting the economic and environmental advantages of being carbon-neutral. In February 2007, the Environmenal Defense Fund was able to broker an agreement with private equity purchasers of TXU, resulting in significant scale back of proposed coal projects in Texas and elsewhere while committing TXU to support cap total corporate CO2 emissions at 1990 levels over time.
As of April 2011, the EDF successfully defeated two proposed coal plants in Nevada through a combination of support from grassroots advocacy, and pressure applied to management to evaluate financial risk. The EDF also successfully launched the Carbon Principles, a set of guidelines regarding investment in new coal projects and the incorporation of low-carbon coal technology.





Carbon-Neutral Coal



Est. Duration

3 Years

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Northern America


United States

Commitment by

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)

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Olivia Hansen