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CAREUniversity: Saving Babies, Families and Caregivers

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Hcc Corporation

In 2013, the CAREUniversity Team, led by HCC Corporation and Texas Medical Institute of Technology (HCC-TMIT), committed to promote patient safety and prevent medical harm by developing modules and resources to train family caregivers and medical professionals in SafetyNet Hospitals, which serve low income communities in the United States, and to train medical professionals in hospitals in Gabon, Africa. Up to one in four patients in low income communities experience preventable harm at the hands of their family caregivers; in order to reduce medical errors in both the home and the clinical setting, CAREU aims to provide direct support and education to caregivers via mobile resources, multimedia, and training opportunities. In partnership with prominent corporations and foundations, which will provide content and technical support.CAREU aims to train 3,750 SafetyNet Hospital employees, 600 US primary household caregivers, and 3,500 Gabon hospital employees by 2016, with the ultimate goal of reducing healthcare hazard.





CAREUniversity: Saving Babies, Families and Caregivers



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3 Years

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Africa, Northern America


GABON, United States

Commitment by

Hcc Corporation

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Google Inc., Hopital Albert Schweitzer, World Health Organization, Sesame Workshop, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Conrad Foundation, Schweitzer Foundation, Global Patient Safety Team, Journal of Patient Safety