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Caring Across Generations: Changing the Way We Care

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Domestic Workers United, National Domestic Workers Alliance

In 2011,The National Domestic Workers Alliance and Domestic Workers United committed to implementing the Caring Across Generations campaign with a key goal of creating two million new or improved jobs in direct home care, including care for the elderly and persons with disabilities, over five years. The Caring Across Generations Campaign proposes a bold federal policy with five interdependent components, called the 'Five Fingers of the Caring Hand', which will: 1) create and improve 2 million jobs, including 800,000 new jobs through this initiative, in home care, 2) transform the quality of both the current jobs and anticipated new home care jobs, 3) provide training for care workers and build career ladders, 4) provide a path to citizenship for care workers, and 5) support individuals and families paying for care via tax and social security credits and support for family leave. The campaign will also launch community dialogues called 'Care Congresses' in 18 cities around the country between July of 2011 and November 2012, and organize Care Councils including all the key stakeholder groups at the local level that will continue local organizing in support of the policy goals. Over the next five years, Local Care Councils will work together to develop local and state-level policy initiatives that promote the vision and values of the campaign as NDWA and DWU continue building toward the federal policy goals. This plan will make unprecedented strides towards assuring a dignified quality of life both for those who receive care as well as for those who provide it.





Caring Across Generations: Changing the Way We Care



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5 Years

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Northern America


United States

Commitment by

Domestic Workers United, National Domestic Workers Alliance

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National Employment Law Project (NELP), Center for Community Change, Hand in Hand The Domestic Employers Association, Southwest Workers Union, 1199 Service Employees International Union, Direct Care Alliance, INC, Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, National Immigration Law Center (NILC), American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Casa de Maryland, Jobs with Justice, Jewish Funds for Justice, Pilipino Workers Center, Family Values @ Work, AFL-CIO, Casa Latina