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Cash for Clunkers -- Accelerated Vehicle Recovery Program

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Most Clunkers are cars that are 13 years or older and account for 25 percent of the miles driven and 75 percent of automotive pollution. These vehicles spew 10 to 30 times more pollution than newer cars.
To facilitate the retirement of these 'clunkers,' the program will offer a premium for low MPG, high emission vehicles. This premium will be applicable to the purchase of new cars that will have a higher MPG and much lower emissions. With the purchase of new vehicles and the retirement of the clunkers, the program will be able to accomplish the following primary goals:
- Reduce the GHG emissions from the transportation sector in the United States of America.
- Stimulate a struggling economy and middle class.
- Help the Automakers and Detroit by encouraging the purchase of new
- Create over 150,000 new jobs in detroit as a result of new car purchases
- Reduce America's dependency on foreign oil.





Cash for Clunkers -- Accelerated Vehicle Recovery Program



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1 year

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Northern America


United States

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Ford Motor Company, Aeris, Google.Org, Auto Futures Group, General Motors Company