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Cherokee Investment Partners

In 2007, Cherokee Investment Partners committed to developing a strategy to ensure its projects have a minimal carbon footprint. The commitment included incorporating sustainable practices by reducing its corporate footprint in addition to supporting sustainable development on its future project sites.
Cherokee has worked with the EPA Climate Leaders Program to complete its greenhouse gas inventory, set a goal of carbon neutrality for corporate operations, reduce its energy use in its offices (primarily through its LEED Platinum Headquarters office) and purchase high quality, third-party certified carbon offsets from landfill methane projects via Sterling Planet. This inventory addressed office energy use, employee commuting to work and business travel. Cherokee Investment Partners became the first investment fund member of this EPA program as well as EPA's Green Power Partnership Program, via its 100% offset of corporate office electricity use. Cherokee continues to work within its boundaries as capital providers for redevelopment projects to stimulate the building of energy efficienct homes on its sites and to assess the feasibility of renewable eneryg on its sites.





Cherokee Carbon Footprint



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Cherokee Investment Partners