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Delivering Quality Schools in Haiti

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Digicel Foundation

In 2007, the Digicel Foundation Haiti partnered with Partners In Health (PIH) and their Haitian sister organization, Zanmi Lasante (ZL), to support the provision of high quality primary care education in the Central Plateau of Haiti.
During this commitment's first year, Digicel Foundation focused on increasing access to education in 20 communities across the ten departments of Haiti by successfully supporting the rebuilding of twenty primary schools. Each school comprises of six classrooms, one administration office and a (3) toilet block. These schools employ a total of 20 directors and 160 teachers who in turn support the education of 7,400 children. The total budget for year 1 was $1,000,000.
In year two, the Foundation's aim was to support these schools to become 'Ecole de l'excellence' schools of excellence. Digicel initiated a three year quality improvement program across three main areas of school life, namely school management, school environment, and teaching and learning. Projects include professional training for all staff members, increasing resources both in curricular and extra-curricular activities, maintaining and improving the school environment, increasing parental involvement, partnering with food and vaccination programs as well as beginning an environmental project.
In year three, the Foundation's support has enabled PIH/ZL to support 30 local primary schools and provide a daily hot lunch to 10,116 students. In the wake of the January 12th, 2010 earthquake and the significant exodus of the Haitian population from Port-au-Prince to the areas where PIH/ZL works, the commitment makers expect to see these numbers increase in 2010.





Delivering Quality Schools in Haiti



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1 year

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Latin America & Caribbean



Commitment by

Digicel Foundation

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Aux Coteaux, Kenscoff, Partners In Health, Ecole Communale de Deron, Ecole Nationale de Mont-Organise, Zanmi Lasante