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Developing Student-Ready Colleges

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College Forward

In 2016, College Forward committed to scaling Success Partnerships, a highly effective college success program for underserved students. Partnering colleges will be provided with near-peer mentors who deliver culturally relevant and individualized academic, financial, and socio-emotional guidance to designated students. By the end of this commitment, College Forward will partner with nine colleges from regionally diverse communities, including rural, suburban, and urban institutions of higher education, and will directly impact 7,420 students. College Forward will also develop the tools, trainings, and technology that will enable partner colleges to adopt and independently operate Success Partnerships, while preserving student outcomes. Success Partnerships’ impact on student outcomes is immediate, while the institution’s ability to support underserved students is permanently improved. Through this commitment, College Forward will accelerate the transition to a national higher education system that is fully equipped to serve every student, regardless of economic or family background.





Developing Student-Ready Colleges



Est. Duration

3 years

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Northern America


United States

Commitment by

College Forward

Partner(s) of the Commitment Maker(s)

Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Meadows Foundation, Inc., Lone Star College - North Harris, Sul Ross State University, Kresge Foundation, Houston Endowment Inc., Concordia University Texas, Greater Texas Foundation