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Digital Doctor: Health Care to Rural Areas

Commitment by

The World Innovation Institute

In 2012, the World Innovation Institute (WII) committed to fund and implement the Digital Doctor Challenge. Over the next three years, the WII will provide leadership and funding for an incentivized prize competition that will result in the selection of health care software that can be used on mobile devices in rural communities in developing states. Recognizing their leadership in this space, the WII will implement the challenge in partnership with XPRIZE and will leverage the expertise of global health experts to ensure that the challenge criteria reflect best practices in on-the-ground programming and health services. To ensure uptake of the Digital Doctor software, the challenge will require that the product be easily adoptable in any setting and that end users be trained to deliver health care advice to others in exchange for a nominal fee.





Digital Doctor: Health Care to Rural Areas



Est. Duration

5 years

Estimated Total Value



Asia, Northern America


INDIA, United States

Commitment by

The World Innovation Institute

Partner(s) of the Commitment Maker(s)

X Prize Foundation, Department Of Energy And Climate Change, NASA