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EcoDistricts Target Cities Pilot Program

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In 2014, EcoDistricts, and their partners including Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation, NeighborWorks America, Boston Redevelopment Authority, City of Cambridge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Investment Management, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, BioGen, BioMed Realty Trust, Boston Properties, Cambridge Redevelopment Authority, Draper, Kendall Square Association, Denver Housing Authority, City of Denver, Little Tokyo Community Center, City of Los Angeles, Enterprise Community Partners, District Department of Environment, District Department of General Services, District Office of Planning, National Capital Planning Commission, Downtown DC Business Improvement District, District Department of Energy, Georgetown University, CoR Advisors, General Services Administration, Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development committed to advancing district-scale sustainability work in 8 projects across North America over two years through an innovative pilot program called 'Target Cities'. This process invites city leaders, urban planners and designers, community members, policy makers, community developers and others to set an agenda and a new vision for their community.





EcoDistricts Target Cities Pilot Program



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2 years

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Northern America


Canada, United States

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University of British Columbia, City of Atlanta, U.S. General Services Administration, Enterprise Community Partners, Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc, Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation, U.S. Department of Transportation, Kendall Square Association, CoR Advisors, Clark Atlanta University, Sustainable Atlanta, Biomed Realty Trust Inc, Cambridge Redevelopment Authority, Spelman College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston Redevelopment Authority, NeighborWorks America, Little Tokyo Community Center, Georgetown University, Biogen Idec Inc.