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Education in Conflict Situations

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Unbound Philanthropy

Building on its participation in the 2006 Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, Unbound Philanthropy committed in 2007 to provide an additional $500,000 to support the provision of education in conflict situations.
By August 2008, Unbound Philanthropy has been working in partnership with Education Action (EA) to support organizational capacity building for education in emergency settings. EA has established itself as a leader in developing effective education in war torn communities and for refugees from war and to establish themselves as an 'incubator of ideas', developing new approaches and methodologies for education.
EA continues to promote new approaches to special needs education in difficult circumstances. EA's work in Gaza has meant that over 1,300 children with special needs and their families have benefited from their partners work. EA has worked with two local partners in the northern region of Sierra Leone, to give teachers in 120 schools new strategies for teaching classes with a range of social and emotional needs. This focus on inclusion has also led to work in Lebanon where they respond, through better education, to the needs of around 6000 Palestinian refugee children who have suffered post-traumatic stress disorders triggered by the recent Lebanese conflict.





Education in Conflict Situations



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3 years

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Northern America

Commitment by

Unbound Philanthropy