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Expanding the Vacants to Value Initiative

Commitment by

City of Baltimore

In 2012, Baltimore Housing and the City of Baltimore, along with more than 20 partner organizations, committed to eliminate 3,000 vacant residential buildings in the City over the next three years. This Commitment marks a significant expansion on the City's Vacants to Value (V2V) initiative and includes goals to rehabilitate 1,500 properties and demolish an additional 1,500 properties. V2V utilizes the unique assets of Baltimore Housing - the capacity for targeted code enforcement, strategic land disposition, and large-scale demolition - to create a predictable environment that allows the City to improve communities, build market confidence, and leverage additional investment. This Commitment plans to leverage $26 million of public funding to achieve more than $125 million of additional, strategic urban development investment. When fully completed, this commitment will positively affect nearly 18,000 people who currently reside on blighted blocks or will move into homes on blocks where vacants are rehabilitated.





Expanding the Vacants to Value Initiative



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3 years

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Northern America


United States

Commitment by

City of Baltimore

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Voss Design Group, Inc., BUILD, Southwest Partnership, Blue Star Realty, Timothy 618, LLC, Urban Phoenix Properties Corporation, EwinCorp, LLC, Baltimore Housing, Harbor Development, East Baltimore Development, Inc., Come Home Baltimore, Victoria Properties Management LLC, Neighborhood Housing Services of Baltimore, Sam Fadul, Historic East Baltimore Community Action Coalition, HomeFree-USA, Operation Oliver, Hampstead Development Group, Skyline Properties, One House at a Time