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Facilitating Entry into the Global Supply Chain

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AMR Research, Inc.

In 2007, the Global Fairness Initiative made a commitment to help facilitate the entry of poor producers into the global supply chain. The 'Women Farmers with Global Potential' program is an adaptive and integrated program to improve agricultural production and remove market barriers for women farmers in India. GFI's most important lesson learned has been the need to invest time and resources to centralizing commercial activities for farmers. Farmers from India to Kenya have benefitted from trade centers where they can aggregate their products, have collective strategies for sale, as well as serve as information and trade hubs. Throughout 2009, over 2,000 women farmers in India received training in organic certification, business plan development, and precautionary measures to better fare abrupt climate change. Also, the WFGP program successfully piloted rain insurance thanks to a partnership between ICICI Bank and SEWA Insurance. To date, 1,441 farmers have paid the established fees to access the insurance, and 631 claims have been submitted and successfully answered.





Facilitating Entry into the Global Supply Chain



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3 Years

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Asia, Africa



Commitment by

AMR Research, Inc.

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Global Fairness Initiative, Self-Employed Women's Association (SEWA), The Brookings Institution