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Female Ex-Offenders + Urban Farming= Economic Security

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Women's Fund of Central Indiana

In 2015, Women’s Fund of Central Indiana committed to awarding two inaugural NEXT Fellows who are creating a solution based on three critical areas: emerging adult women in poverty, opportunities for female ex-offenders, and food insecurity. These two fellowships are part of the Women’s Fund’s new, ten-year NEXT Initiative, which has created an incubator for social entrepreneurs to create holistic, wrap-around solutions that anticipate and remove every barrier preventing the emerging adult women population from achieving economic success. Women’s Fund will support these fellows for two years with bold salaries and full benefits while they incubate how they can use ecologically efficient farming to teach non-violent female ex-offenders a marketable and life-sustaining trade, giving them a set of basic business and entrepreneurial skills, supporting their ambitions for further education, and helping them move to a lifetime of economic security. The NEXT Fellows will incubate how this solution can be used to meet the food challenges for communities living in one of the worst food deserts in the United States, while also focusing on the mental health needs of ex-offenders.





Female Ex-Offenders + Urban Farming= Economic Security



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Commitment by

Women's Fund of Central Indiana