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First Book Logistics: Elevating the Social Sector

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First Book

In 2016, First Book committed to create First Book Logistics (FBLogistics), a fee-for-service logistical and operational platform for nonprofits delivering essential goods to children and families in need throughout North America. Use of FBLogistics will reduce costs and elevate the effectiveness of other nonprofits’ cash and staff resources. FBLogistics will offer participants a menu of services as needed: warehousing; inventory management and insurance; user-friendly ecommerce platforms; access to a verified market of child-serving programs; fulfillment and shipping; “white label” options; and the opportunity to add their users to the First Book Network. First Book will also negotiate collective discounts for services including shipping and insurance on inventory. From their savings, nonprofit partners will pay FBLogistics on a fee-for-service basis as a percentage of their FBLogistics-processed product volume and on a fee-for-access basis for access to the growing First Book Marketplace of 250,000 educators serving children in need.





First Book Logistics: Elevating the Social Sector



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1 year

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Northern America


Canada, United States

Commitment by

First Book

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Feed The Children, Inc., US Soccer Foundation