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First Ever U.S. Maternal & Child Health Pay for Success Project

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Nurse-Family Partnership

In 2015, Nurse Family Partnership, along with New York State and Social Finance, committed to implement a Pay for Success (PFS) project to scale NFP’s infrastructure to serve more low-income, first-time moms in areas of high need. This transaction will be the first maternal and child health PFS project in the nation. Through this expansion, NFP will seek to serve 2,200 low-income moms and babies in New York. It will provide over 41,000 health visits to the moms and babies by trained nurses directly in the home and create approximately 37 jobs, the majority of which will be filled by women. Through ongoing home visits from registered nurses, low-income, first-time moms receive the care and support they need to have a healthy pregnancy, provide responsible and competent care for their children, and become more economically self-sufficient.





First Ever U.S. Maternal & Child Health Pay for Success Project



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2 years

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Northern America


United States

Commitment by

Nurse-Family Partnership

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State of New York, Social Finance US