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FORGE DRC Revitalization Initiative

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In 2009, FORGE committeed to the DRC Revitalization Initiative which will support post-war reconstruction and restabilization in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). As millions of refugees actively return to southern Congo, the region faces a critical juncture in the conflict recovery cycle and is experiencing a vast and unmet need for community-driven development. With a scalable, low-cost programming model that helps communities design their own unique solutions to post-war challenges, FORGE will develop the capacity of local leaders to effect grassroots change and enact sustainable solutions. FORGE will be increasing access to educational and skill-building capacities in Congo through the establishment of local libraries and computer centers. To promote informed and skilled communities, a baseline resource transfer from two FORGE sites in Zambia will provide libraries, computer training centers and solar energy systems. In addition, FORGE will identify emerging social entrepreneurs in the community, conduct research to determine specific community needs, and train leaders to develop solutions to community needs. Following a rigorous project development curriculum, FORGE will launch six locally-led projects that will each receive two years of financial support. The final outcomes of the DRC Revitalization Initiative will be locally-designed sustainable development projects, implemented by and for war-torn communities.





FORGE DRC Revitalization Initiative



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4 Years

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Democratic Republic of the Congo

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United Nations Refugee Agency