Commitment to Action

Generating Power through Solar Panels on Streetlights

Commitment by

City of Los Angeles

In 2014, the City of Los Angeles' Bureau of Street Lighting, in partnership with the City and its Department of Water and Power, committed to introducing solar power into its energy portfolio by implementing a solar-to-grid program within 3,000 of its 210,000 streetlights. Developed in response to the availability and affordability of renewable energy sources, the Bureau's Commitment to Action will allow the City to capture solar energy and feed it back into the municipal electrical grid. Revenue obtained through the solar-to-grid program will support the Street Lighting Maintenance Assessment Fund, as well as private financing sources that may be obtained in support of the program. The Bureau, already established as a leader in innovative approaches to municipal streetlighting through its installation of LED lighting, seeks to provide its solar-to-grid program as a model to jumpstart the solar industry, and its deployment within the municipal context, regionally and nationwide.





Generating Power through Solar Panels on Streetlights



Est. Duration

1 year

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Northern America


United States

Commitment by

City of Los Angeles

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Los Angeles Dept of Water and Power