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Global Cities Pilot: The Future To Transform Lives

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Living Labs Global

In 2012, Living Labs Global (LLG) committed to engaging 30 global cities to identify major challenges that they face, then recruiting and selecting innovative solutions providers who can address those challenges. This process is designed to shift the way cities award contracts, away from a process limited by regulation, cost, and lack of innovation towards one that rewards trailblazing ideas that address community needs. Each city will identify one challenge that is added to a Call for Solutions marketplace to which over 4,500 solutions providers will be invited to apply. The cities will then select one provider to address their challenges. The provider will bear the cost of initially piloting the solution on the ground. The cities will share pilot results to further the commitment's impact, a process proven to transform future investment and regulation.





Global Cities Pilot: The Future To Transform Lives



Est. Duration

2 years

Estimated Total Value



Latin America & Caribbean, Asia, Europe, Africa, Northern America


Argentina, Brazil, England, India, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Spain, United States of America, Finland, Japan, Ireland

Commitment by

Living Labs Global


The City of San Francisco, City of Barcelona, City of Lavasa,, State of Lagos, The Climate Group, Oracle Corporation, United Nations Global Compact, Guidebook, FirstFuel, Underground Technologies, OTG Playa Entity, Brighter Planet Technology Services