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A Global Network of Giving through Digital Commerce

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Trusted Innovators Inc.

In 2015, Trusted Innovators committed to deploy the Network of Giving (the N.O.G.) in one U.S. market, creating an ecosystem that will connect banks, payment networks, merchants, and consumers in generating and channeling funds to local charitable organizations. Each participating merchant will specify a percentage of philanthropic giving for every N.O.G. transaction, and the cardholders will be able to select (from a list predetermined by the bank) which charitable organization receives the funds related to their personal transactions. The N.O.G. will generate opportunity for customer loyalty for both the banks and the merchants and will incentivize consumers to make purchases within the network. With a goal of growing to include 500 merchants and 25,000 bank credit and debit cardholders by 2017, the N.O.G. will aim to generate $1.2 million in charitable giving in its first two years of operation alone.





A Global Network of Giving through Digital Commerce



Est. Duration

2 years

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Northern America


United States

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Trusted Innovators Inc.