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Growth Capital and Expertise for Sustainable Businesses

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Pegasus Sustainable Century

In 2009, Pegasus Sustainable Century committed to bring $2 billion in growth capital as well as business and policy expertise to targeted companies in order to promote scalable business solutions to environmental challenges. Because access to capital and business expertise are often key limiting factors in scaling sustainable business solutions for rapid adoption and impact, this commitment targets middle-market growth companies that are able to compete successfully on the basis of sustainability and resource efficiency so that they can have a positive impact on significant segments of the economy. Building off of their 14-year track record of identifying, sourcing and cultivating promising companies, Pegasus Sustainable Century will work with new partners in key sectors including energy, power conservation and efficiency, water and bio-resources, consumer sustainability, building products, resource and carbon markets, emerging infrastructure and environmental services.





Growth Capital and Expertise for Sustainable Businesses



Est. Duration

5 Years

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Northern America


United States

Commitment by

Pegasus Sustainable Century