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Humanitarian Media Assistance Program

Commitment by

Internews Network

In 2006, Internews Network committed to improving information for crisis-affected populations by preparing and mobilizing local media in responding to humanitarian crises over the following three years. The ultimate goal of this work is to save lives and reduce suffering, especially in developing and vulnerable societies, by improving the flow of information during humanitarian crises and disasters. Internews began the Humanitarian Media Assistance Program in October 2006 and has since responded to 10 crises, including most recently the earthquake in Haiti where Internews is providing daily information on safety, health, aid, and reconstruction and a means for listeners to communicate their needs to government and aid agencies. Internews has also helped launch a new collaboration among UNOCHA, leading relief and development agencies, and media development agencies to maximize aid effectiveness, accountability, and transparency to those affected by crisis.





Humanitarian Media Assistance Program



Est. Duration

3-5 years

Estimated Total Value



Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America & Caribbean


Chad, Chile, Haiti, Kenya, Pakistan, Palestinian Territories, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Uganda

Commitment by

Internews Network


Ushahidi, Global Voices/AmericaSpeaks, OCHA, The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Lodestar Foundation, The Fritz Institute, Arca Foundation, UK Department for International Development (DFID), USAID, UNICEF, MacArthur Foundation, U.S. Department of State