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Hydro-Econologics: Altering Water Cycles for People & Nature

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Connecting The Dots Through People

In 2014, Westerveld Conservation Trust (WCT) committed to re-establishing the water cycle in specific degraded watersheds in Kenya's Amboseli ecosystem in order to restore the larger hydrologic corridor - which will decrease runoff, erosion, and restore native vegetation. Currently, local water cycles have been disrupted due a highly denuded landscape, leading to severe flooding and erosion. WCT and their implementing partners will fully restore local water cycle and increase water availability in 10 project locations in the Amboseli ecosystem in Kenya. The restored water cycle will have significant impacts on wildlife through increased water and forage availability. Biodiversity will increase with the re-establishment of native species. Increased water availability will also impact local communities - providing water for human consumption, livestock, crops, and small-scale industry (such as breeding programs and tourism). As their businesses revive, communities will share in covering project costs through Community Based Organization (CBO) of Ogulului, Rombo and Mbirikani , a cooperative association of 11,000 Maasai farmers in the region.





Hydro-Econologics: Altering Water Cycles for People & Nature



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3 years

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Connecting The Dots Through People

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Imbirikani Group Ranch, Kenya Wildlife Service, Rombo Group Ranch, Republic of Kenya, Westerveld Conservation Trust, Olgulului Ol'rarashi Group Ranch