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Improving Air Quality and Occupational Health in NYC Nail Salons

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Pegasus Capital Advisors

In 2015, Pegasus Capital Advisors committed to catalyzing healthier working conditions and improved air quality in New York City’s nail salons. An issue largely overlooked, nail polish contains many volatile organic compounds which permeate the air and are health hazards for workers and customers alike. Pegasus and its partner, Lighting Science Group (LSG), have developed the Genesis Light, a desktop light that monitors and reports on air quality wirelessly using a sensor chip embedded in the lamp. It uses easy to read emoticons on the units, as well as transmits data that will be accessible online. Empowering salon workers and customers, Pegasus, LSG, and partner the NYC Public Advocate will deploy 50 free Genesis Lights to nail salons that they identify in hopes that the pilot program will inspire customers and regulators to make informed decisions that will ultimately incentivize a continuing domino effect in nail salons to better manage their air quality.





Improving Air Quality and Occupational Health in NYC Nail Salons



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1 year

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Northern America


United States

Commitment by

Pegasus Capital Advisors

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Public Advocate for the City of New York, Lighting Science Group Corporation