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It’s Time Network City Program: Accelerating Gender Equality

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It's Time Network

In 2016, It’s Time Network committed to investing in Network City Programs in the US and globally in nine cities over the next three years to engage women and girls in creating inclusive infrastructures to address issues at the environmental, social, and political level. Using a ranking system, ITN will measure the progress and impacts made over time to advance the empowerment of women and girls. By creating a cross-sector alliance of existing organizations and their constituencies, this commitment will create an unprecedented national and global bandwagon effect and call to action to participate in local city events in collaboration with Mayors, and in the social enterprise to fund women’s advancement and empowerment. Looking ahead, this commitment by ITN will assist them in identifying gaps where women and girls are not included in leadership opportunities in cities and to further provide a way for cross cutting collaboration to insert women and girls into decision making processes.





It’s Time Network City Program: Accelerating Gender Equality



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3 years

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Oceania, Northern America, Europe


Australia, Canada, UNITED KINGDOM, United States

Commitment by

It's Time Network

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City and County of San Francisco, City of Denver