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Job Training and Clean Energy Access in Africa and Peru

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Enel S.P.A

In 2015, Enel Green Power committed to support community development in regions struggling with accessing reliable energy sources. The commitment comes in two parts: providing households in Africa with access to electricity, and industrial development in Peru. First, EGP is expanding their partnership with Barefoot College to Africa, supporting their programwhich empowers women from the poorest communities to become solar entrepreneurs. They will train five Masai women as solar engineers in Kenya and 40 women in Tanzania, resulting in the electrification of 750 households in two years. EGP will also construct the Barefoot College Training Center in Tanzania. EGP will also support the development of Peru’s San Juan de Marcona economy, where energy insecurity stalls economic growth in the community. Along with training local women as solar engineers, EGP will implement an off grid solution in the effort to redesign the fishing value chain in two steps. They will first enhance product value by introducing new techniques, followed by product diversification through creating an algae and urchin hatchery facility largely reliant on renewable energy.





Job Training and Clean Energy Access in Africa and Peru



Est. Duration

2 years

Estimated Total Value



Africa, Latin America & Caribbean


KENYA, PERU, Tanzania

Commitment by

Enel S.P.A

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Barefoot College