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Launching an Energy Portfolio

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In 2006, Acumen Fund committed to raising $3 million in philanthropic capital to invest debt and equity in companies providing affordable, efficient, and renewable energy solutions to the poor. Its Energy Portfolio has grown to $3.5 million in active investments. It has invested $1.8 million investment in D.light Design, which manufactures and sells highly-efficient solar powered LED lights to low-income customers in India and East Africa as an affordable, efficient and safe alternative to kerosene lanterns to approximately 1 million people. The Fund has invested $1.3 million in SHREY, an infrastructure company commissioning ten 100kW micro-hydro systems to provide electricity to more than 30,000 people in Himachal Pradesh. SHREY has selected and completed project reports on the sites and expects to break ground soon. The Fund recently invested $375,000 in Husk Power Systems, a rural electrification company using biomass fired generators linked to inexpensive mini-grids to bring electricity to villages in India's rice belt. Additionally, the Acumen Fund's Portfolio Team continues to look for promising investment opportunities, and they have an energy pipeline of approximately $6-7 million.





Launching an Energy Portfolio



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3 Years

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Asia, Africa


INDIA, KENYA, Tanzania

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Romita Shetty, The Sidney E. Frank Foundation, The Globalislocal Fund, Hunter Douglas N.V., Andrea Soros Colombel, Andrea S. Colombel, Romita Shetty