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Learning from 9/11: Improving Short & Long Term Support

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Voices Of September 11th

In 2011, Voices of September 11th committed to establishing the Center of Excellence (COE), which will develop a framework to institutionalize lessons learned and best practices in regards to counseling and support for victims coping after a traumatic event, such as natural disasters and acts of violence. The COE will package a kit that will serve as a detailed short and long-term methodology and provide suggested approaches to be distributed to all 50 states in both web-based and print form over the next two years. Support organizations, such as humanitarian aid, disaster relief, and local governments will also have access to the framework. The organization implemented a support model for 9/11 families and survivors, which it intends to utilize for the COE. Voices' social work model has assisted 13,000 members through continuity of care, including social work.





Learning from 9/11: Improving Short & Long Term Support



Est. Duration

3 Years

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Northern America


Canada, United States

Commitment by

Voices Of September 11th

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U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Department of Justice, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Columbia University, Rutgers University, Uniformed Services University