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LEGO Foundation / BRAC Play Lab Project

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LEGO Foundation

In 2015, the LEGO Foundation committed to promote the importance of learning through play in the developing world through the BRAC Play Lab Project in Bangladesh, Uganda and Tanzania. The BRAC Play Lab Project is a partnership between the LEGO Foundation, BRAC International in Uganda and Tanzania, BRAC USA, and the Centre for Play at BRAC University’s Institute of Educational Development in Bangladesh. The Centre for Play adopts an ecosystem approach to program design and development to ensure that the most vulnerable children and families have increased access to quality early childhood development services and education. The three-year commitment includes developing and piloting the Play Lab, a model for integrating learning through play into the lives of young children. The pilot will include 240 new Play Labs for 7,200 children aged three to five, training for 480 adolescent girls as paraprofessional play-leaders, and sessions for 7,200 parents on the importance of play. The project will include the design of safe and sustainable play spaces and materials with low-cost materials for children from birth to ten years old. A play consortium of national and global play-based experts will collate best practices on learning through play to support the project development, and the initiative will be monitored, evaluated and researched to establish an evidence-based proof of concept of a scalable Play Lab model based on low-cost and high impact interventions.

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LEGO Foundation / BRAC Play Lab Project



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3 years

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Asia, Africa



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LEGO Foundation

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BRAC University, Columbia University, BRAC