Commitment to Action

Leveraging Private Sector Innovation for Vaccine Delivery

Commitment by

The Gavi Alliance

In 2013, the GAVI Alliance committed to developing two new initiatives to tackle critical vaccine supply chain challenges, with the goal of reaching additional children with life-saving vaccines. Each year, 1.7 million children die from vaccine-preventable diseases, the vast majority in developing countries. Despite recent progress, nearly one quarter of the world's children still go unvaccinated, largely due to inadequate vaccine delivery systems that are plagued by weak information systems, outdated supply chain processes, and a lack of cold chain infrastructure. GAVI aims to transform the vaccine supply chain process by founding 1) A Supply Chain Center of Excellence, which will incubate private-public partnerships for devising innovative solutions to improve the efficiency of vaccine supply chains in GAVI-supported countries, and 2) The Supply Chain Targeted Improvement Facility, which will provide funding to GAVI-supported countries to help improve supply chain management and cold chain systems in a needs-based and fully accountable manner.





Leveraging Private Sector Innovation for Vaccine Delivery



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5 Years

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Northern America



Commitment by

The Gavi Alliance

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Vodafone Group PLC