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Liberia Community-School Lighting Pilot Project

Commitment by

The Daphne Foundation

In 2009, the Daphne Foundation committed to the Community-School Lighting Pilot Project using a new solar technology called 'Taa Bora' (Swahili word for better light). The project accomplished three goals: providing lighting in three classrooms; the creation of a fifteen-port charging station; and the formulation of a community-based micro-enterprise.
Outcomes: a total of six persons were trained in manufacturing, installation and enterprise development; the school drop-out rate was reduced by 96%; a total of 260 students consistently rented lanterns for five Liberian Dollars per week (alongside an increase within the community in the purchase of generators); the new micro-enterprise generated $200 during the five month monitoring period; news of the pilot project has generated interest in the new technology, and alternative energies in general, in other rural communities; while intended for students only, teachers have been requesting that they, too be provided lights on a rental basis.





Liberia Community-School Lighting Pilot Project



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1 year

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Commitment by

The Daphne Foundation

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Republic of Liberia, Center for Sustainable Energy, Charity Prayer Band, Energy and Security Group, City Of King Gray, King Gray School System, Montserrado Learning Resource Center, United States Agency for International Development, United Nations, Green Energies, LLC, Creative Associates International