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In 2013, The Made in America Organization, together with seed support from the Stiefel Family Foundation, committed to launch the 'Made in America' pilot platform, between January 2014 and January 2015. The pilot will select 10 companies who can leverage and expand the US Advanced Manufacturing sector and provide support to help them scale. The pilot will consist of 4 modules, including a Challenge Module, A Summit Module, a Forum Module and an Accelerator Module, all geared towards identifying, supporting and scaling key companies in the Advanced Manufacturing Space. The Made in America platform will affect lives directly in 3 key categories: Jobs created through portfolio company scale-up; Workforce development for personnel trained through educational initiatives and thought leadership and engagement with key stakeholders. Made in America envisions expanding this pilot to all 50 states over the next five years, ultimately impacting over 500 additional companies and significantly expanding the capacity and potency and competitiveness of US manufacturing.





Made In America Organization



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Made In America

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