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Making Sustainability a Foundational Principle of NYU

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New York University

In 2007, New York University (NYU) committed to embed sustainable principles in its operations, academics, and campus culture by implementing facilities improvements and operational changes to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).
In 2008, the University completed a comprehensive environmental assessment, collected data about NYU's environmental impact through water consumption, energy usage, vehicle usage; volume of waste, and several other measurements. They engaged students, staff and faculty in the movement towards sustainabillity through greening projects on campus. In 2009, the University joined the New York City Mayoral Challenge, committing to cut GHG per square foot by 30% by 2017; and the ACUPCC, committing to set a date for achieving net zero emissions. NYU will replace its less efficient power plant with a new cogeneration plant which will reduce emissions by another 23%. NYU also announced its carbon neutrality target date of 2040 in its comprehensive Climate Action Plan. NYU will also launch NYU 2031: NYU in NYC, a framework for future campus growth, which presents a methodology for evolving sustainably by fostering community, protecting resources, and strengthening urban life. Academically, it will expand its undergraduate Environmental Studies program and increase its Environmental-related course offerings.





Making Sustainability a Foundational Principle of NYU



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New York University