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MASS Design Lab: Global Innovation for Systemic Change

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Mass Design Group

In 2012, MASS Design (MASS) committed to establishing a global innovation laboratory, called the MASS Design Lab (MDLab), to test, implement, and bring to market specific solutions that will effect systematic change in the built environment. With one hub in Kigali, Rwanda and one in the United States, MDLab will host immersive design and development teams comprised of fellows and mid-topost-career professionals from a range of disciplines in order to develop the necessary knowledge and ideas to address high impact topics. MDLab will then integrate this collective knowledge to identify new questions and opportunities, rapidly prototype ideas, and quickly bring new designs to market. The lab will not only provide a venue for re-thinking and re-designing the built environment, but it will also train entrepreneurs, inspire new educational programs, and foster the necessary R&D processes required for newly designed products to actually solve the world's greatest challenges.





MASS Design Lab: Global Innovation for Systemic Change



Est. Duration

4 years

Estimated Total Value



Africa, Latin America & Caribbean


BURUNDI, Democratic Republic of the Congo, HAITI, KENYA, MALAWI, RWANDA, Tanzania, UGANDA, United States

Commitment by

Mass Design Group

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