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MaxWest Technology: Reducing Need for Landfills

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MaxWest Environmental Systems, Inc.

In 2011, MaxWest Environmental Systems committed to expand its operations by building two facilities that process bio-solids waste using sustainable gasification, a process that will reduce landfilling and fossil fuel consumption to a fraction of the amounts typical for wastewater treatment. The proprietary technology revolutionizes the treatment process and provides a sustainable option for municipalities and private treatment providers. MaxWest is expanding its bio-solids technology to facilities in Maine, USA and Guangdong Province, China. Following commercial operation during the span of this commitment, the two facilities will avoid the landfilling of 100,000 tons per year of bio-solids waste in the US and China. The process recycles the water contained in the bio-solids waste and yields a phosphate-rich fertilizer additive. Thus, the Company's sustainable process improves quality of life by reducing landfill needs and providing a lower lifecycle cost for bio-solids management. Finally, each MaxWest facility will provide approximately eight permanent green jobs.





MaxWest Technology: Reducing Need for Landfills



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2 Years

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Asia, Northern America


CHINA, United States

Commitment by

MaxWest Environmental Systems, Inc.

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