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A National Benefits Platform for the New Workforce

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Freelancers Union

In 2014, the Freelancers Union and its national partners committed to launch a National Benefits Platform that will connect up to five million independent workers across the country to a suite of vetted health insurance, retirement life, disability, liability, and dental insurance benefits. The National Benefits Platform will be a one-stop shop for the nation's independent workers to find a range of pre-vetted financial and health benefits that were previously unavailable to these workers. Through this commitment, Freelancers Union expects that 20,000 new members will sign-up for or access health insurance and five thousand will enroll in or access financial retirement and/or life and disability insurance.





A National Benefits Platform for the New Workforce



Est. Duration

1 year

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Northern America


United States

Commitment by

Freelancers Union

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DUMBO Startup Labs, General Assembly, Gig Union Bay Area, oDesk, Maker Nation, Impact Hub, Loconomics, Centre for Social Innovation, B Lab, Brooklyn Creative League,, New Work City, Grind, American Federation of Teachers, Guru, Lyft, FORGE, Graphic Artists Guild, vBench