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National Manufacturing Renaissance Campaign

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Manufacturing Renaissance

In 2011, the Manufacturing Renaissance, formerly the Center for Labor & Community Research (CLCR), committed to replicate its Manufacturing Renaissance Council (MRC) model, which unites business, labor, government, education, and community leaders in support of local advanced manufacturing, in two cities by June 2013. Building on the success of MRCs in Chicago and San Francisco, the Manufacturing Renaissance committed to improving skills-based curriculum in local post-secondary education systems, establishing a secondary school focused on developing advanced manufacturing skills, and helping local manufacturers secure skilled employees and diversify their product mix to better meet local, national, and international markets while expanding local employment.





National Manufacturing Renaissance Campaign



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3 years

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Northern America


United States

Commitment by

Manufacturing Renaissance

Partner(s) of the Commitment Maker(s)

Wayne County Community Colleges, Focus: HOPE, The National Urban League (NUL), Workforce Development Institute, Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, New York City Central Labor Council, The Manufacturing Institute, AFL-CIO, California Teachers Association, National Institute for Metalworking Skills