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The National Partnership for Early Literacy Innovation

Commitment by

Footsteps2Brilliance, Inc.

In 2016, Footsteps2Brilliance and its partners committed to create eight new Model Innovation Cities with four urban school districts and four rural school districts over three years. The Model Innovation City license creates turnkey, community-wide literacy solutions that allow school districts and others to cost effectively scale Pre-K through third grade literacy support services including access to thousands of audio-encoded books, songs, and games that develop vocabulary, comprehension, literacy, and writing skills. In partnership with Footsteps2Brilliance, school districts will create awareness campaigns inviting families to enroll in and engage with Footsteps2Brilliance. Additionally, Footsteps2Brilliance commits to form the National Partnership for Early Literacy Innovation, which will select a first cohort of innovative urban school districts serving populations with high instances of poverty and dual language learners including Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, and New York City while also seeking out exceptional rural school districts.





The National Partnership for Early Literacy Innovation



Est. Duration

3 years

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Northern America


United States

Commitment by

Footsteps2Brilliance, Inc.

Partner(s) of the Commitment Maker(s)

Pomona Unified School District, Salinas City Elementary School District, Palmdale School District, Napa County Office of Education, Raymondville Independent School District, School District of Osceola County, Florida