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Net-Works: Inclusive Business for Ocean, Economy, & Society

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Interface, Inc.

In 2014, Interface committed, in partnership with the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), to the geographic and financial expansion of its Net-Works program - an inclusive business model that provides an additional source of jobs and income for fishers and community members in the Philippines and Cameroon through the collection and selling of discarded nylon nets to Interface's supplier, Aquafil to be turned into recycled nylon yarn. Interface will (1) develop the funding and infrastructure to expand Net-Works in the Philippines and Cameroon, (2) make Net-Works a financially self-sustaining program, and (3) to create a model for inclusive business that is scalable and replicable, including a toolkit that will provide a step-by-step model for implementing Net-Works in new regions. By 2018, Net-Works will be collecting five tons of discarded nets per month. Interface and ZSL will create two new community-based Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and strengthen and support the existing four in Net-Works regions, encompassing over 500 hectares of marine and aquatic ecosystems. Net-Works can become a supply chain alternative for many types of manufacturers worldwide and a model for how inclusive business can work to bring both the environment and society into the supply chain.

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Net-Works: Inclusive Business for Ocean, Economy, & Society



Est. Duration

5 years

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Africa, Asia



Commitment by

Interface, Inc.

Partner(s) of the Commitment Maker(s)

Zoological Society of London, Aquafil Group