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Philanthropy University 200 x 2020

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Al-Dabbagh Group

In 2015, Philanthropy U committed to partner with the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley to provide meaningful capacity building support to hundreds of thousands of distance learners working in the social sector with a target of 200,000 online course completions by 2020. This commitment, which will be run through the Philanthropy University education initiative, offers a world-class curriculum taught by professors and practitioners from leading academic institutions, and will serve as an innovative learning platform to foster collaborative learning and a vibrant community and network. Philanthropy University’s Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have the potential to democratize access to course content in an unprecedented way, by opening courses to anyone, anywhere for free. The targeted completion rate will significantly improve on the current average which is as low as 2%. Philanthropy U commits to addressing this by supporting learners from enrollment to completion, and by measuring skill acquisition and application through a robust monitoring framework and a variety of incentives. Learners who complete a single course will gain a statement of accomplishment while learners who complete a suite of Philanthropy University courses will receive a certificate of completion from Berkeley-Haas in social sector leadership. Philanthropy University leverages education and the MOOC revolution for social impact.





Philanthropy University 200 x 2020



Est. Duration

5 years

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Commitment by

Al-Dabbagh Group

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University of California, Berkeley