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Pioneering Measurement of Slavery and Slavery Eradication

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Free The Slaves

In 2014, Free the Slaves committed to create an anti-slavery 'toolbox' by piloting, validating, replicating, and disseminating the monitoring and evaluation tools needed to measure the prevalence of slavery and the results of anti-slavery interventions. Currently, the anti-slavery movement suffers from a lack of primary data on the magnitude and dynamics of slavery. Starting with a causal model that postulates that slavery emanates from vulnerabilities at the community level, Free the Slaves' will develop tools to measure on-the-ground changes in community behavior, assess the capacity of intervening organizations, determine the collective resistance to slavery of a community, track changes in public policy, and record progress of individual slavery survivors. Developed and tested over the coming two years, these monitoring and evaluation tools will fill the gap in evidence, provide a means for testing the impact of anti-slavery interventions, and ultimately lead to an improvement in interventions that protect an additional 60,000 people from risk of slavery.





Pioneering Measurement of Slavery and Slavery Eradication



Est. Duration

1 year

Estimated Total Value



Latin America & Caribbean, Africa, Asia


BRAZIL, Democratic Republic of the Congo, GHANA, HAITI, INDIA, NEPAL

Commitment by

Free The Slaves