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Pro Bono Architecture and Design Solutions for Government Initiatives

Commitment by

Public Architecture

In 2015, Public Architecture committed to supporting access to development in America’s underserved communities through their 1+ online platform ‘marketplace.’ With 1+, municipalities will be able to connect with top architecture and design firms providing pro bono services in order to address local social and environmental challenges in their communities. Scaling the impact of 1+ is “A+D solutions,” a mayor-led initiative assisting cities to bring design strategy and innovation to improve their development projects. Seeking to match approximately 200 projects during the Commitment’s lifetime, Public Architecture’s 1+ and A+D solutions will help architecture and design firms who wish to allocate at least one percent of working hours to pro bono services do so for underserved municipalities. The platform will be open to projects that seek to positively influence or contribute to community, civic vitality, and good civic policy.





Pro Bono Architecture and Design Solutions for Government Initiatives



Est. Duration

3 years

Estimated Total Value



Northern America


United States

Commitment by

Public Architecture

Partner(s) of the Commitment Maker(s)

City of Detroit, City of San Jose, Knight Foundation