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Prosperity then Peace: Business Between Israel and Palestine

Commitment by

Morad N. Fareed

In 2012, Morad Fareed of Delos LLC committed to create a business entity, called the ProsperUs Fund, which will be co-owned and co-managed by Palestinians and Israelis equally, in order to invest in, promote, and support the growth of 6 businesses that will operate across those borders. ProsperUs will focus on businesses that align with the following standards, which will also be upheld by the ProsperUs Fund itself: ownership distributed between one (or more) Palestinian stakeholders and one (or more) Israeli stakeholders, ownership, management, operations, marketing, all decision-making is decidedly and avowedly non-political in nature and intent, and there is an economic benefit, whether direct or indirect, to both Israelis and Palestinians. Over a period of 3 years, ProsperUs will provide venture or growth capital, advisory and consultancy services, and/or platforms to support cross-border business operations, thus developing strong business relations that will lift the overall prosperity of both Israel and Palestine through peaceful enterprising solutions, in addition to providing a foundation on which top-level political reconciliation can be built.





Prosperity then Peace: Business Between Israel and Palestine



Est. Duration

3 Years

Estimated Total Value



Middle East & North Africa, Northern America


ISRAEL, Palestinian Territories, United States

Commitment by

Morad N. Fareed