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Protecting Elephants: Law Enforcement and Conservation

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Frankfurt Zoological Society

In 2014, Frankfurt Zoological Society-US committed to expanding conservation support in four African wilderness areas with globally significant elephant populations: the Serengeti ecosystem and the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania, the North Luangwa ecosystem in Zambia, and Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe. Activities will be specific to the wilderness area and are in partnership with local and national authorities. Activities include new and upgraded infrastructure (operations hubs, command centers and other ranger facilities), increasing the number of rangers trained and deployed, implementing advanced ranger training, increasing areas patrolled, instituting a ranger-based monitoring system (SMART), providing computers for expanding intelligence networks, surveys of park boundaries, increasing aerial surveillance, and expanding the ranger vehicle fleets. Simultaneously, FZS-US and their agency partners will expand community conservation efforts that provide opportunities for local communities living in these areas. As an organization dedicated to protecting biodiversity and wilderness, with 90% of its resources going to support on the ground conservation in Africa, FZS-US has long engaged in efforts to protect elephants and their habitats. At the end of this two-year commitment, FZS-US expects to see measurable signs of improvement in security and a corresponding decrease in poaching in these key African landscapes.

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Protecting Elephants: Law Enforcement and Conservation



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1 year

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Commitment by

Frankfurt Zoological Society

Partner(s) of the Commitment Maker(s)

Tanzania National Parks Authority, Zambia Wildlife Authority, Tanzania Wildlife Division, Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority