Commitment to Action

Reducing Death & Injury for Mothers and Newborns

Commitment by

Child Welfare Scheme

In 2009, Child Welfare Scheme and its partners committed to to reduce avoidable maternal and newborn death and injury by supporting increased access to integrated care and health promotion in Nepal. This commitment supports government community maternal health workers in a remote district to improve upon their methods of healthcare delivery, and uses community approaches and Women's Groups to strengthen knowledge, preparedness and better use of health care services.
So far 3,501 mothers and newborns have benefitted and are now registered on an innovative database that allows care and outcome for every woman and baby to be tracked. Early findings show that antenatal care is up 73 percent and post natal care is up 38 percent. Additionally, 63 Women's Groups are now active with 1,588 regular participants - each acting as change-agents in their communities. 36 community emergency funds have been established and seven cycle ambulances are in use and are being managed by community structures.





Reducing Death & Injury for Mothers and Newborns



Est. Duration

2 years

Estimated Total Value






Commitment by

Child Welfare Scheme

Partner(s) of the Commitment Maker(s)

Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, Himalayan Health & Environmental Services Solukhumbhu, Kidasha, NAMUNA, Rowland Family Foundation, The Apollonium Trust, The Windfall Trust